Armageddon's Son (HYBRID: The Ethereal War Book 1) by Greg Ballan

Armageddon's Son (HYBRID: The Ethereal War Book 1) by Greg Ballan

Author:Greg Ballan
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2019-03-25T04:00:00+00:00

Salisbury, Delaware. Warehouse district

Speaker of the House, Andrew Collins, felt the overpowering weight of the being standing next to him. Bartholomew's aura of power seemed wan compared to the intense presence. The being was easily six and half feet tall with annoyingly perfect skin and hair. Despite having the appearance and build of a powerful man, his face seemed childlike and innocent if not for those eyes. The eyes threatened to burn though the speaker every time they studied him. Collins couldn't endure the weight of that stare for more than two seconds at a time.

"The facility is six hundred feet below this warehouse. We'll have to take the elevator." Collins pressed the button silently hoping he'd be spared the awkward silence waiting for the elevator to arrive. The door opened and he smiled with relief, waving the being inside.

The large entity carefully studied the metal box and gently probed the walls with long slender fingers.

"It's an elevator."

The being turned. "Elevator," he repeated, cautiously stepping inside.

The doors closed and the metal box began to descend. The sudden motion alarmed the being and it tensed, arms raised and eyes burning with unknown power.

"It's okay," Collins soothed. "You're in no danger, I promise you. The elevator is taking us down to a storage area where your relic is being kept."

The being looked down at his chaperone. His gaze burned through the human. Collins felt his mind being probed and knew he was powerless to resist the intrusion. "I'm not lying, I assure you."

"You speak the truth, for now." The reply was icy and cold.

An involuntary shudder raced down the speaker's spine. "We were both deceived." Collins attempted to placate the being.

"I was told this. I will not harm you, human. Your fears are pointless." The being held up a silver case. "I've been told only to take back what is ours. Other matters will be sorted out by higher powers."

Collins managed a quick smile and relief washed over his body. "I'm relieved and I too believe you."

The rest of the descent was spent in silence. After two uncomfortably long minutes the elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing a dimly lit corridor. Collins stepped out, gesturing down the large hallway. "This way."

The divine being followed in silence, eyes scanning every detail. Collins could only imagine what kind of data his guest stored inside that inhuman brain. There were several items he'd rather be kept secret and having this being studying every nook and cranny of his private stronghold was unnerving. After a brief walk they arrived at a heavy vault door. Collins immediately knew something was wrong. The guards protecting the relic were missing! The massive door had been forced open, hanging by a single warped hinge.

"Oh shit, no!" Collins walked swiftly toward the vault, "No! No! No!" The broken, bloodied corpses of his two guards littered the floor. Both men had drawn their guns and the speaker noticed that one of the pistols had been completely emptied. Dark blood stains intermixed with their human blood.


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