Already Dead (2006) by Huston Charlie - Joe Pitt 01

Already Dead (2006) by Huston Charlie - Joe Pitt 01

Author:Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 01 [01, Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-03-25T13:59:26+00:00


This is a high-turnover business and I see a great many waifs looking for a career or extra income. The ones clearly too young, such as this child, are politely rejected at the door. It is possible she crossed the threshold without my knowing.

I take the picture from his desktop and slip it back in my jacket.

Got it.

He glances at his watch.

If that's all, Joe?

Yeah. Thanks.

He leans forward, extending his hand across the desk, sweating from the effort. I take his hand.

You know, Whitney went out awfully hard for such a young thing, Joe.


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