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Tony, when you talk about the presence, is that an illusion too? There isn't a presence?

Well, there is only no thing, out of which everything arises. When there is no one and there is only presence, then you can come and tell me that it certainly wasn't illusory, it isn't illusory. The joy without cause is the only thing that isn't illusory. It's the only constant. Awareness is the only constant, presence is the only constant. Everything else arises out of that. Without presence, there can be nothing.

What about recognition? The word 'recognition' came to my mind -you recognise the presence.

Yes, you remember, there is a recognition of what you already are. That's it. It's directly behind you now - it's just back there, watching you watching me. You are the one that sees that looking at this. It's silence, it's stillness, it's no thing. It's not recognisable;

you can't name it. It simply is there. And following initial recognition there is a merging and no longer a this and that.

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Tony, what is the mechanism that obscures the seeing? I woke up a few weeks ago, half in, half out of a dream, bird sounds outside... Except they weren't outside; they were definitely coming from within me. Then everything from that moment - the sheets on my skin, smells, a dog barking, ivhatever - it zvas all coming from zoithin me. It was definitely from no place; it was from the centre. Then there seemed to be a mind going, 'Wow, this is really cool! This is what he's on about in those books and those meetings'.

The mechanism is that oneness uses the mind to regurgitate the dream, to make the dream happen, the dream 'Wow! This is happening to Jonathan', if you like, in simple terms. 'For the last five minutes Jonathan hasn't been here. Isn't that wonderful? Now, what did we do? What did you do, Jonathan?' The mind will go back into the dream, into the game of 'There is such a thing as time, this happened to Jonathan, so he must be getting somewhere'.

It just so happened when this body/mind wasn't anymore, walking across the park, and there was oneness, it also so happened that a whole lot of clarity jumped in at the same time. And it does for a lot of people. It just depends on where you are with that and what happens.

No reason for the clarity then.

No, except that in the end we all know this, we all know it's all right for this to jump in and then jump out again. It is all the divine game - jumping in, jumping out... In a way behind your question is, 'Is there something wrong with the event of the mind coming in and saying what it says?' There's nothing wrong with that, because that's consciousness playing the mind coming in and saying to Jonathan, 'Five minutes ago you were being'.

Is that less likely to happen each time?

The more there's


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