Zero Day by Marlon Karda

Zero Day by Marlon Karda

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After a break of about a half hour, Carl returned to Jenkins’ office for another meeting. The chief of staff had told him after the meeting with Gerard that there was another special agent working on the case that he wanted him to meet, but Carl hadn’t expected the meeting to take place so soon. Cory Snyder, the agent in question, was well known in the Bureau for the work he had done several years earlier in helping to nail the leaders of a hacker collective, known as The Swarm. With their control of massive bot farms, The Swarm had been widely feared all over the internet for its ability to launch DNS attacks that could take down all but the best defended websites, sometimes for days at a time. Snyder had also played an important role in uncovering a plot to assassinate President Garcia by homegrown extremists in North Carolina, enabling the FBI to arrest the three militia members planning the crime before they had a chance to act.

Jenkins explained that Snyder was in charge of the investigation into the sources of the chatter about a biological weapon attack prior to the Rock Creek Park incident. Carl estimated the special agent to be close to him in age, maybe 3 or 4 years older at most. He was an inch or two shorter, with sandy brown hair worn a bit longer than was typical for agents.

“It’s good to finally meet the Bureau’s other wunderkind,” Snyder said as they shook hands.

“I’d hardly call myself that. Your feats, on the other hand, merit such a designation, in my opinion.”

“Humility can be a good thing, Special Agent Rath–unless, of course, it is merely an affectation.” Carl had the feeling Snyder enjoyed ribbing people, but the man was smiling as he spoke–Carl thought it was his way of letting his fellow agent know not to take it too seriously.

“Whatever the case may be, I hope that at the least we are both astute enough to accomplish the task the Bureau has assigned us.”

“Indeed. In my case, I can tell you that the chatter you have no doubt heard of from Chief Jenkins and AD Finnegan is extremely troubling given what happened in Rock Creek Park. I’ve separated the data collected from traditional communications channels, social media and humint into two categories: possibly related and highly suspicious. The possibly related category consists of communications, posts, or humint that could be, in general, thought to relate to the incident. For instance, a source inside a group dedicated to environmental activism might say that the group was believed to be interested in taking dramatic action, which would advance the cause by staging a public event of some sort in the upcoming months. Highly suspicious items, on the other hand, must be able to be directly linked to, or at least be thought to be associated with, the incident.

“One of the highly suspicious humint items in this case comes from a confidential informant close to a Philadelphia-based


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