Underdog [07] Arbiter by Alexey Osadchuk

Underdog [07] Arbiter by Alexey Osadchuk

Author:Alexey Osadchuk [Osadchuk, Alexey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Magic Dome Books
Published: 2021-09-30T03:00:00+00:00

Gus and all the troop commanders were waiting for me in the city. Along with them was the scout commander, a short thin wiry foxman. I looked at his characteristics. Fast, very fast. With a large energy supply. Observation, camouflage, visual distraction ― pretty much the full set. Plus, light gear. Overall, everything a scout could possibly need to complete an assignment.

Staring at the riders as they raced past, Gus shook his head. He clearly didn’t like these changes but opted to keep quiet. And rightly so. Monster Hunters are free to choose their own path. The Order has no right to restrict their decision.


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