The Sorcerer's Path Box Set: Books 5-8 by Brock Deskins

The Sorcerer's Path Box Set: Books 5-8 by Brock Deskins

Author:Brock Deskins [Deskins, Brock]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dingo Dog Publishing
Published: 2017-02-01T00:00:00+00:00


A million Scion minions clawed at the invisible wall of their prison, some taking out their pent-up savagery and frustration on those weaker and close to them. High overhead, dozens of ships, not unlike regular seagoing vessels only sleeker and more angular, sat statically. Their crews paced the decks, anxiously awaiting the inevitable destruction of their prison walls.

In the center of the chaotic mass, floating amidst the ships and shining like a star, a crystal palace cast its radiance down upon the throngs. Tall and sleek like the surrounding ships, its minarets stabbed at the black, starless sky like a many-pointed crystal dagger.

Five figures, tall, impossibly thin, and dressed in tight-fitting, broad-shouldered, hooded robes occupied the vast central chamber of the crystal fortress. Here dwelled the Scions, also called the faceless ones due to their lack of facial features. Only their large eyes broke the featureless plain of their faces, which looked like two small galaxies replete with shining stars. They were the original gods of the world from which they were banished. The Scions gazed out across a landscape as featureless as their faces. Hundreds of feet below, their vast army waited for the day the wall was destroyed, releasing them from their prison to wreak havoc upon the cursed races that turned against them. That day was fast approaching.

Doaz hovered over a flat-topped pillar ten feet across. “Brethren, something transpires.”

The other four Scions glided near and looked upon the image brilliantly displayed within the crystal surface.

“What is it?” Xar asked.

“I detect a weakness in the barrier.”

“Can we breach it?”

“For a moment. I sensed a curious use of magic not far from the flaw. It was powerful, by mortal standards, and may have contributed to the weakening. Do you feel it?”

“We do,” Zyn replied. “It feels like the unusual creature Lissandra flaunted before us, does it not?”

“It does,” Kaz and Arhal both answered. “Is he still near?”

“I believe so, and two others who dare touch the power of the gods.”

“This should prove interesting. Let us test the mettle of Lissandra’s replacement and see if he is worthy of the title Guardian.”

All five Scions laid their long, three-fingered hands upon the plinth and focused their energy into the crystal of their fortress. A white ray of light with the power to destroy a mountain lanced out from the center spire, disintegrating over a hundred creatures crowded around the point of impact. The beam struck the shimmering barrier with the force of a comet. Excess energy exploded into the ranks of fleeing creatures, destroying hundreds more. The barrier trembled under the onslaught and began to waver where the beam continued to punish it.

With a final groan and massive clap of thunder, the ray punched through. The Scions created a portal within the breach and ordered their minions through. Ravagers, the most plentiful of their troops, sprinted toward the fissure and hurled themselves into the rift before it sealed shut once again. The rift was open only a few seconds, but


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