The Resolute Prince by Nana Prah

The Resolute Prince by Nana Prah

Author:Nana Prah
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: contemporary romance, disguise, royalty, sports romance, african author, african romance, nana malone
Publisher: Love Africa Press

Chapter Fourteen

The musical ringtone pulled Malika out of a zone of concentration she’d spent the whole of Saturday afternoon in. The client would love the work she’d done to make the program both accessible and easy to learn.

When the ringing occurred again, she realized it was Malika’s rather than Sule’s phone.

Private number showed on the screen. The raised hairs on the back of her neck told her who it was without answering. Should she ignore it? With reluctance, she pressed the answer button and grumbled, “Hello?”


She loved being right. She’d recognize the voice of her prince even if she were underwater, but he didn’t need to know that. “Who is this please?”

“Zareb Saene.” He paused, seeming to expect her to jump in.

She took pleasure in waiting for him to continue.

“We met at the palace in Bagumi last Saturday evening.”

A broad grin accompanied more silence on her end.

“At the party. My mother, Queen Zulekha, introduced us.”

“Ah, yes. I remember. One of the princes.” It was getting harder to keep from laughing. Only a week had passed since the party. How could he think she wouldn’t remember him? “How are you?”

“I’m doing well, and yourself?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Will you be attending the fencing tournament to see your brother compete?”

So much for small talk. Why hadn’t she chosen any of the more flirtatious princes to become infatuated with? “Nothing has changed. I’m not able to make it.”

“Is that so? Can’t you rearrange your plans?”

She rubbed a hand over her mouth to wipe the grin away so it wouldn’t come through in her voice. “It’s something I can’t postpone.”

Please don’t ask what I’ve got going on. She had a back-up story of being a bridesmaid in a cousin’s wedding ready to blurt out, but she’d prefer not to lie. At least not any more than she had already.

“I was hoping to see you there.”

“Why? To show off your favourite sport?”

“Partly. I enjoyed our time together. I’d like to get to know you better.”

Heat streamed up her neck as she recalled their kisses. “I had a good time, too.”

“When will I see you again?”

“I don’t know. My life is a little … complicated right now.”

“Tell me about it.”

She heard no trace of sarcasm. He really expected her to tell him what was going on. The hard part was that she wanted to get it off her chest. How angry could he get?

A volcano spewing hot lava and destroying everything in its path flashed before her mind’s eye. She couldn’t risk exposing her secret before he saw her potential as an Olympic hopeful. Or was good and properly in love with her. That would take time, if it ever happened.

“How about …” she hesitated, pretty sure she was about to do something dumb, but unable to resist temptation. “If we meet for lunch next Sunday?”

She put a pillow over her face and bit down, waiting for her conscience to tell her she’d done the wrong thing.

Nothing came. No sense of impending doom at seeing him again. A lightness made her feel as if she were floating.


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