The Reaper (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 2) by R.J. Patterson

The Reaper (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 2) by R.J. Patterson

Author:R.J. Patterson [Patterson, R.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: thriller, espionage
Publisher: Green E-Books
Published: 2021-06-24T22:00:00+00:00


Eastern Oregon

REAPER WATCHED THE SUN rise above the mountains and felt the chill in the air begin to fade. He parked on the shoulder of the two-lane highway, just across from the latest lead he’d managed to track down. Due to a constant struggle to find Travis Taylor, Reaper wasn’t hopeful that this one would be any different. But he had to keep trying. The sooner he found Taylor, the sooner Reaper could get on with his life and move closer to Charlie.

The previous night’s stakeout had proven fruitless. The truck Reaper had seen striking out across the plains at dusk was just another worker returning home from a long day on the range. But Reaper was determined not to leave until he felt satisfied his search had been thorough. And he wasn’t—not yet anyway.

When Reaper returned to his hotel room, he searched for anything he might be able to leverage to find out where Travis Taylor was. And just as Reaper was about to call it a night, he saw a name on the Sheepshead Ranch website that made him take a closer look.

Performing a time machine search on the internet, a man named Cody Taylor was listed as one of the team leaders for the Sheepshead Ranch cattle drives across Oregon and into the Sierra Nevada range. According to Reaper’s web research, Cody’s name disappeared off the site about six months earlier. More digging by Reaper had revealed that Cody was Travis Taylor’s nephew, the son of Travis Taylor’s deceased brother.

A chicken ventured into the highway, never crossing the centerline before scampering back to safety in its coop along the side of Cody Taylor’s house. An SUV whizzed past the house, setting the chickens to squawking.

Cody stumbled out of the house, his hair a mess and nothing on but a pair of boxers and a white tank top. He scratched his head and squinted as the sun rose over the mountains.

“Quiet down, ladies,” he said. “You wake me up on my day off again and one of you will be dinner that evening.”

After yawning and stretching, Cody returned inside.

Reaper climbed out of his truck and walked across the street. He held a cup of coffee that he’d picked up at a nearby service station a few miles down the road. After a deep breath, Reaper rapped on the screen door of the house.

Cody cursed loudly and talked to himself. “First the chickens and now this.”

He opened the door and eyed Reaper closely. “What the hell, man? It’s seven-thirty and my day off.”

“Sorry,” Reaper said, offering the coffee. “Here’s a peace offering. And I hope to make this intrusion into your day worth the trouble.”

“What is it, man?” Cody said, taking the cup. “I don’t deal any more, if that’s what you’re hoping for.”

“Not at all. I was hoping you could help me find your uncle.”

“Which one?”

“Travis Taylor.”

Cody huffed and shook his head. “What’d he do this time? Because last time he ran, it was because he refused to pay his taxes, or, at least, that’s what he told us.


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