Social Dialogue and Democracy in the Workplace by Erdem Cam

Social Dialogue and Democracy in the Workplace by Erdem Cam

Author:Erdem Cam
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9789811084829
Publisher: Springer Singapore

6.1.1 Union Movement and Social Dialogue

There are direct parallels between the trade union movements’ development in a country and the development of workers’ rights and the development of social dialogue (an important part of labour relations) whether at the top or at the lower level at workplaces. In Turkey, the development of trade union rights was enabled via social rights that were introduced by the 1961 Constitution; however, this process did not last long and ended with a military coup in 1980. Moreover, the trade union law, collective bargaining and strikes, as well as the lockout law were again regulated after 1980 and caused considerable erosion of trade union rights.2 This led to a decline in trade union organizations, which would have ideally passed as social dialogue practices at workplaces and increased the dominant state’s role on the trade union movement. To understand interactions between social dialogue and unionist movement in working life, consideration of the comments and assessments that take place under the following two titles is important. Within the scope of these titles, the proletarianization process in Turkey was developed, the unionist movement was developed and competition amongst trade unions was also addressed. Importantly, their relationship with social dialogue has been examined.


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