Safe Zone | Book 1 | The Greater Good by Sussex Suzanne

Safe Zone | Book 1 | The Greater Good by Sussex Suzanne

Author:Sussex, Suzanne [Sussex, Suzanne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
Publisher: Aethon Books
Published: 2020-10-06T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eighteen

For the first time in his adult life, George Carlton had absolutely nothing to do. By Monday night, the constant ping of emails had ground to a halt. By Tuesday, so had the calls. There were no newspapers to read, no news to watch, no deals to make, not even the financial market movement to worry about. He had run out of people to phone. Most of the calls to his political contacts had gone straight to voicemail. The ones that had rung went unanswered and eventually went to voicemail too. The few people he had spoken to did not know much. They were the dregs of his contacts. Backbenchers, yet to reach the inner circle.

Only one person could offer anything remotely useful. The Prime Minster and his Cabinet had been whisked away to a safe zone. The leader of the opposition and the shadow cabinet had been taken to another.

He did not know where these zones had been located. When George pressed him, he had suggested that they might be centred around existing military bases.

George had decided already that he needed to get to one of those safe zones. For now, there was nothing to do, other than sit and wait for Chloe to return from Heathrow, with his daughter.

Again. It did not occur to him that he should be barricading his home, worrying about supplies, thinking about weapons. The thought that he should be researching possible locations for the safe zones didn’t even cross his mind. Chloe would sort it out. So instead he sat in his large office chair and stared absently at the wall.

It had taken him until midday yesterday to realise Sally had gone. Teenagers always sleep in, so when she hadn’t appeared downstairs for breakfast on Thursday morning, he had quietly popped his head around the door and saw her still form asleep.

By lunchtime when she still hadn’t eaten, he had used the last of the bread to make her a sandwich. A peace offering. He knew she was angry at him for not letting her go and find her friends. While he was adamant that he was right, it wouldn’t do at all to spend the next few days locked in a house with a stroppy teenager while the government and the army sorted this mess out.

George didn’t have any friends, he had a network of contacts instead. He never took part in any so-called leisure activities unless there was something in it for him. A golf course was the perfect place to make deals. Going on shooting weekends was a good way to impress the upper classes. He hadn’t stepped into a pub since he was a teenager. Instead, he would go to award ceremonies or other such events. Occasions that were useful to meet other influential people.

There was no one alive that George particularly cared about, other than Sally, so he didn’t understand why she would want to go back to Heathrow and find Claire, Lex and Paige. They were perfectly safe where they were.


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