Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style by Tychonievich Joseph

Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style by Tychonievich Joseph

Author:Tychonievich, Joseph [Tychonievich, Joseph]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Timber Press
Published: 2016-11-15T16:00:00+00:00

Nursery beds at Broadleigh Gardens in Somerset, England.

Getting (and Making) More Plants

Unless you are very lucky indeed, the selection of rock garden plants at your local garden center is likely to be slim to none. The business of horticulture has gotten bigger, more automated, and more intensive in recent years; and the result is that plants that don’t make good cogs in the gears of the horticultural-industrial complex are less and less available. The standard model today is for wholesale growers to produce plants on a huge scale with massive amounts of fertilizer and water to get them to rapidly bulk up to a nice full pot of flowers that will look pretty sitting on a garden center bench. Many if not most of the best alpines and other rock garden plants don’t fit that model because they respond to rich growing conditions by getting loose, leggy, and ugly, and possibly by rotting. And many of the best species simply don’t tend to look very good growing in a little nursery pot—they want to stretch out deep roots in the open garden. Others, like daphnes, can grow and bloom beautifully in a large pot at a nursery but resent transplanting once they get big—they really need to be sold as little rooted cuttings that don’t look pretty but will thrive in the ground. Because of these limitations, you’ll need to look elsewhere for the bulk of the really great plants for a rock garden.


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