Price of Justice (Mara Brent Legal Thriller Series Book 2) by Robin James

Price of Justice (Mara Brent Legal Thriller Series Book 2) by Robin James

Author:Robin James [James, Robin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Robin James Books
Published: 2020-08-27T16:00:00+00:00


Trevor and Noel tag-teamed Aaron’s cross. They covered the same ground the Kings’ original lawyer had. Aaron had a history of lying to people in authority. He’d lied to his boss at first about stealing money at the pool company. He tried to pass forged checks off as his own. He didn’t drop out of high school; he was expelled. A minor distinction, but Page and Stamford had to make the jury think if Aaron had a habit of playing it loose with the truth, he could be lying about Lyle’s confession too. Aaron withstood all those questions. Almost four hours of them. When he finally left the witness box, even Judge Ivey looked spent. He adjourned court for the weekend just after three in the afternoon.

It was Gus and Sam I wanted as I tore through the crowd, heading out of the courthouse. Melody had to run to keep up with me. Hojo ran interference with the press line. He would say a whole lot of nothing, and I made a mental note to send that man a bottle of his favorite tequila for the weekend.

The Divine Justice protestors had grown considerably. They now took up the whole courtyard across from the courthouse and wrapped around the block. When they saw me come out yesterday, about ten of them in the front row had held up signs in unison that spelled out “Sinners” in red lettering. Today, I would duck out a different exit.

As I made another turn down the hall, Sam’s dark hair was easy to pick out over the crowd, as tall as he was. He’d just finished testifying in a case downstairs.

“Mara,” Melody said breathlessly as she reached my side. “That was great. Clyde was great. I thought …”

The rest of Melody’s words drifted into the background as I turned my phone back on. I had seventeen missed calls. Five were from Will’s school, and the burn of panic flared through me in a way only parents get.

“Melody,” I said. “I’ve gotta go. Just do me a favor and track down Detectives Cruz and Ritter. I need a brainstorming session tomorrow. I’d like you to be there.”

“Okay,” Melody said, looking confused. I didn’t wait to explain anymore. I slipped out the service entrance and ran across the street to my car.

Will’s teacher had left two voicemails. I peeled out of the lot, hurriedly swiping my keycard through the gate as my Bluetooth speakers kicked on and I played the first message.

“Mrs. Brent,” she said. “This is Tara Whitney. Listen, Will’s okay and I know you’re in trial today. But there’s been an incident and we’ll need you down here as soon as possible. I’m trying to get a hold of Mr. Brent, but he’s not picking up. Neither is his Aunt Kat. Those are all the emergency contacts we have …”

I punched my steering wheel. What in the world could be going on that both Jason and Kat went AWOL on me?

Grantham Elementary was only a fifteen-minute drive from the courthouse.


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