Optimization in Machine Learning and Applications by Unknown

Optimization in Machine Learning and Applications by Unknown

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Format: epub
ISBN: 9789811509940
Publisher: Springer Singapore

3 Conclusion and Future Scope

The study reveals various real-world and practical applications where GA or PSO is applied with ML techniques to enhance the solution efficiency or to identify the optimized solution to a complex problem. In this discussion, the advantages of both the algorithms are evaluated and elaborated for solving a problem. As explained in the methodologies, Sect. 2, by combining ML either with PSO or GA, the drawbacks of each algorithm are sheltered; thus, improved solution is extracted. In this paper, a sincere effort is made to make the researchers to understand the concepts more thoroughly by citing and explaining the most of the modern research work related to these fields. In today’s world, there are thousands of applications in banking and financial services, government services, education, health care, transportation, etc., which directly or indirectly uses optimization techniques and ML. Therefore, demand for improved optimization techniques along with security is always there. By harnessing the new power of ML along with highly scalable computing powers of today’s computers, researchers can give a new direction to the world. Also, researchers can focus on security aspect of any algorithm and also other nature-inspired optimization techniques along with ML so that new possibilities can be explored.


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