Maybe We Will (Silver Harbor) by Melissa Foster

Maybe We Will (Silver Harbor) by Melissa Foster

Author:Melissa Foster [Foster, Melissa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Montlake
Published: 2021-05-03T16:00:00+00:00


ABBY LAY IN bed staring at the ceiling Thursday morning, dissecting an idea for the Bistro that had been percolating all night. She and Aiden had spent the last few days cleaning the Bistro and endless hours going over budgets, forecasts, and all of the options for obtaining the money ad nauseam. She’d even gone online and researched restaurant expenditures, and everything Aiden said was right on the money. But any way she looked at it, the amount of additional capital she needed felt like an elephant sitting on her chest. Her mind was spinning with the complexity of the situation. They’d spent the last few nights cooking dinner together, listening to music, and getting to know each other better. Two nights ago they’d gone for a ride along the coast, and last night they’d bundled up and gone for a romantic walk to try to clear her head. She enjoyed every minute they were together, but the only time she’d been able to stop thinking about financing for the Bistro was late at night, when they’d tumble into bed and get lost in each other’s arms, making love until neither one could think at all. If only we could do that every time my mind went crazy, she mused.

Aiden rolled onto his side and pulled her against his naked body, kissing her softly, stirring a flurry of anticipation inside her. She’d never found sex very exciting, but with Aiden everything was different and thrilling, from their talks and romantic walks to his kisses, dirty promises, and the fulfillment of each and every one of those delicious promises.

“Did you get any sleep?” he asked, running his hand down her back.

“I don’t know, a little maybe. But I have an idea, and I think it’s a good one.”

He gave her butt a squeeze and said, “I have a good idea, too.”

She felt him getting hard. She loved how much he wanted her and debated putting her idea on hold. He kissed her jaw, nipped at her neck, and her thoughts started to blur. She forced herself to say, “Wait, Aid. Your idea will make me forget mine, so maybe I should go first.”

“Fair enough. As long as I don’t have to let you go.”

“Sounds like a win-win for me.” But his kisses turned to sucking on her neck, and her whole body ignited. “Wait, wait, wait.” She leaned back far enough to see his wolfish grin. “You can’t do that. It’s too hard for me to concentrate.”

“I’ll have to remember that the next time you’re putting me in my place. What’s your idea, beautiful? Whatever it is, I bet it’s not nearly as fun as mine.”

“I don’t know about that. You seemed to get off on spreadsheets yesterday.”

When she was studying the spreadsheets in the office of the Bistro yesterday afternoon, trying to figure out another way to approach the restaurant, Aiden had come up behind her and distracted her with kisses on the back of her neck. Kisses had led to caresses and titillating taunts that had her begging for more.


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