Mage Throne Prophecy by James Haddock

Mage Throne Prophecy by James Haddock

Author:James Haddock [Haddock, James]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Mage, Wizards, Fantasy, Alternate universe
Publisher: James Haddock
Published: 2020-01-10T08:00:00+00:00

AFTER RESTING A WHILE, I went back to the offices, and homes of the leaders who had kept records of what they had done and were doing. I gathered all the records to give to the King, as evidence. Next, I recovered the gold, gems, and jewels they had stored in various vaults, and chest. I teleported the valuables to the Royal treasury. The King would be happy about that.

I had saved Nee-Carr for last. He was on a cargo ship in the harbor. Which I suspected was not a cargo ship at all, at least not only a cargo ship. I travelled underground when I got to the harbor; I opened an underground cavern to serve as a temp holding cell. I went up through the water to the cargo ship. I stopped below the ship looking up at it. It was strange hovering here underwater breathing like standing on dry land.

I sent out my Mage Sense and looked the ship over. It was heavily warded, but only from the top there was nothing stopping me from coming up from underneath. I went up into the wood of the ship. It was strange, as long as I stayed “in the wood”, no matter how thick, I was completely hidden.

I searched the ship from inside the wood. It was a spy ship. It carried cargo to maintain its cover. I found Nee-Carr in his quarters. He was asleep. I cast the deep sleep spell, but nothing happened. I looked closer he was wearing warded jewelry.

“Ok, we do it the hard way.” I reached up and grabbed him and pulled him under. He struggled, but I was able to take him down and drop him in the cavern. I punched him in the temple, knocking him out. I used his hand to take off the warded bracelet. I put it in my pouch, to study later.

I cast the deep sleep spell, then the info spell. He was in fact a military spy for Kingdom of Dunwich, one of this kingdom’s biggest trading partners. Their King was getting greedy. There were also two other ships in port right now awaiting the attack orders. They would attack when the rest of the fleet arrived. All their crews were active duty Navy. It was going to be a long night.

I went back up to the ship, to crew berthing and cast the beguiling spell. “The traitors are trying to kill you. Kill them all.” It was like a match to gas. In less than an hour no one was left alive on the spy ship. I told the ship’s wood to get the bodies and blood off the ship. The bodies, and blood sank into the wood to be expelled into the harbor. Fish needed to eat too.

I went under to the next ship. This ship was different there were men in cages, or more like jail cells throughout the ship. I went to the captain's quarters, put him under, and took his info. The ship’s cargo was, for lack of a better word, gladiator mercenaries.


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