It Watched Me by Alex Brown

It Watched Me by Alex Brown

Author:Alex Brown [Brown, Alex]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Open Kimono Publishing
Published: 2021-11-19T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter VI: The Angel’s Share

My reality faded from a dark nothingness into a television like static that felt like a transition into a sort of purgatory. It only lasted for a few fleeting moments, until my vision fully returned. I recognized that I was back in the barracks. I was looking through Dwight’s eyes, I could already tell that his lens on the world was different from my own perspective. I felt a faint gnawing in the back of my mind that somehow, someway- Dwight knew that I was a part of his consciousness. Through Dwight I felt that same deja vu feeling- I could sense that he felt it too. Most remarkably though, Dwight was oddly hopeful despite his nightmarish situation. It was almost as if he had resigned himself to his fate, but chose to do so on his own terms. His own unrelenting terms. He knew that there was nothing more that anyone could possibly take from him. He recognized that the worst case scenario was death, but he also seemed to find a sort of freedom in death. His demise was not a finality, to him it was simply a transition almost as routine as boarding a train, from one destination to the next. Somehow he knew that his story would not end simply because his heart stopped beating. He seemingly had the answers that we were all looking for - but how?

The other men around the room were rationing their newly acquired fresh bread. Those who didn’t eat all of their shares wrapped up the remaining portions in their thin dirty blankets in an attempt to hide it as best they could. From across the room one of the men proclaimed,

“This is the best bread I’ve ever had! It’s even better than the stuff they have in France!”

Dwight looked over to him,

“Julius, you’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life huh?”

Julius laughed,

“No- not really! Back home in Michigan, there is this little deli that we always went to, LaRussos. I’ll tell you what, they had the best bread I’d ever tasted! They had these little cannoli things too… absolutely delicious! The worst bread I ever had was that army junk they issued to us in basic down in Fort Gordon. It was bad- everyone used to call it hardtack.”

Dwight lowered his head as a smile formed across his lips,

“The Army issues that hardtack all over. I actually kind of miss the stuff- no way I’d turn down some hardtack now, that's for sure. So good old Fort Gordon huh? How did you like Georgia- Augusta, isn’t it?”

Julius reminisced,

“Oh yeah, it’s in Augusta Georgia. I liked it down there, it was just hot as hell! When we shipped off to France after basic I was excited to get into some cooler weather, that’s for sure!”

Dwight asked,

“When did you get to France?”

Julius still chewing on his bread said,

“June 6th- we were part of the last waves to show up. Utah beach, we got on shore just before the Canadians.


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