Honorius by Chris Doyle

Honorius by Chris Doyle

Author:Chris Doyle
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Retribution and propaganda

The victory over Gildo held fantastic propaganda value for Honorius – and likewise for Stilicho. The emperor was presented as the West’s savior and as the restorer of the African annona. This message was relayed to the Roman public through coinage (Figure 5.1) and inscriptions.

Figure 5.1Silver miliarense of Honorius. Constantinople mint, c. 398–403.

Obv. Honorius pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed. Legend: DN-HONORI-VS-PF-AVG (Dominus Noster Honorius Pius Felix Augustus/Our Lord Honorius, pious and fortunate Augustus). Rev. Honorius nimbate, in armor, wearing cloak, standing, gesturing with raised right hand, globe in his left, a star in right field. Legend: GLORIA-ROMANORVM (Glory of the Romans). Exergue: CON (Constantinopolis).

Source: RSC 19a.


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