Heroine Of Her Own Life by Constance Emmett

Heroine Of Her Own Life by Constance Emmett

Author:Constance Emmett [Emmett, Constance]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: historical romance
Publisher: Magnum Opus - A Next Chapter Imprint
Published: 2019-08-28T23:00:00+00:00

Sitting in the stands that lined the Queen’s University bathhouse, Meg continued to peel off her outdoor garments in the stifling heat, hotter even than the Tropical Ravine at the Botanic Gardens. Unable to swim, she still longed to jump into the cool water filling the air with chlorine vapors. She watched the water polo match with utter incomprehension, until she identified the player in the net on one end as Lillian, and so was cued when to cheer.

Eventually, a whistle blew and the women pulled themselves out of the pool and hugged one another enthusiastically. Bare arms enfolded Lillian’s neck; bare legs touched hers. Desire, sudden and strong, dizzied Meg. She fought to vanquish the feelings, relieved by the realisation that there’d be no place for her and Lillian to be together; their homes were filled with family, hotels would prove impossible and the outdoors dangerous. No, there’d be nowhere for them to be together.

Statuesque despite her drab bathing costume, Lillian waved her bathing cap at Meg, and mimed that she’d meet her outside. Meg gratefully gathered up her belongings and hurried out, where she deeply inhaled the frigid air … and felt her heart rate slow, breathing relax, thoughts subside. By the time her oldest and best friend had emerged from the locker room, Meg was ready to enjoy a meal with her, all feelings of desire fenced-in and buried—innocent.


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