Fun & Original Children's Cakes by Maisie Parrish

Fun & Original Children's Cakes by Maisie Parrish

Author:Maisie Parrish [Parrish, Maisie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-4463-5077-5
Publisher: David & Charles
Published: 2010-02-14T16:00:00+00:00


When making frills, dust the work surface liberally with icing (confectioner’s) sugar before you begin. This will allow you to move the frill around easily and prevent it sticking. Do not press too hard, just gently roll backwards and forwards on the edge.

6 For the arms you will need 8g (¼oz) of the flesh-coloured sugarpaste equally divided. Roll into two sausage shapes, and then flatten the ends making wooden spoon shapes (G). Cut out the thumbs, and then divide the hands into four fingers. Using your finger and thumb take off the square edges, gently rolling each one in between your finger and thumb (G). Mark the fingernails by pressing the end of a piece of dry spaghetti into the end of each finger. Narrow the wrists slightly and bend at the elbow.

7 Make a diagonal cut at the top of each arm and attach to the body. Attach the right arm at the shoulder and allow the hand to rest on the knee of the left leg. Complete the left arm as the right, but push a short piece of dry spaghetti from the elbow through the forearm. Allow the end of the spaghetti to push into the left leg to give it support. Arrange the hand into an open position.

8 Make two small frilled sleeves using 1g (1∕8oz) of lime green sugarpaste. Cut out two 2cm (¾in) circles. Make a straight cut at the top of the circle and frill the remainder as described for the skirt (G). Place the sleeve over the join at the shoulder.

9 Make a tiny butterfly using a 1.5cm (½in) cutter and decorate as described on pages 61–62. Apply some edible glue to the open hand and place the butterfly on the top.

10 Make a necklace for the fairy using 1g (1∕8oz) of Lincoln green sugarpaste. Roll out a thin lace and attach around the neck, making a join at the back. Roll one larger ball and flatten with your finger for the centre of the necklace, and a small ball on either side (H). Attach with edible glue to the thin lace and add a few Magic Sparkle Flakes (see page 67) over the top.


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