Crash by Harper Dallas

Crash by Harper Dallas

Author:Harper Dallas [Dallas, Harper]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-04-14T04:00:00+00:00


Falling in love.

“Fall.” There’s a reason that we use that verb.

Because it is a falling.

I am out of control. I am at the mercy of what’s happening to me.

I am consumed with the breathless, hanging sensation of the earth dropping away from my feet, leaving me suspended in the dark night air, a thousand miles high.

I look at JJ, and I can see that he feels it too. His eyes are so very dark, his pupils so wide. When he looks at me, his lips twitch, as if he remembers our kiss. The thing that blossomed between us, suddenly so bright that we couldn’t deny it anymore.

Neither of us can talk about what happened. As if it’s too delicate. Or maybe simply too large—too momentous a thing.

Instead JJ holds open the door of the taxi for me, and as he makes small talk with the driver I look out into the darkness and up at the endless spread of the stars. Their pale pinpricks of light seem as tremulous and as hopeful as the feeling in my chest, a beautiful flower unfurling inside of me.

Once, JJ asked me to marry him under these stars.

A few weeks ago, I looked up at them and thought of things past and things new.

Now I think that they have been there before we began. That they’ll be there after we end.

All of my atoms and all of your atoms, JJ promised me once. That after we died our ashes would be spread as one, and we’d go into the universe together, forever, so much stardust on the wind.

When warm fingers find mine on the middle seat, I turn around with a start, but JJ doesn’t look to me. He keeps chatting to the driver as if this isn’t happening. As if his hand isn’t resting over mine, a touch as undeniable as it is soft.

I take a deep breath.

Is it falling, if you decide to jump?

My fingers thread through his, and JJ squeezes them tight.

It’s so quiet after the taxi pulls away. We stand in the darkness in front of the house and look at each other, each molecule of air between us vibrating with potential.

“Raquel,” he says, but I can’t hear how he’ll finish it. I can’t risk breaking this beautiful, fragile thing.

I go up onto my tiptoes, my hands steadying myself against his chest, and I kiss him the way I used to. His mouth opens for mine, and in the moment before his hands grip me I hear and feel the gusting groan from deep in his belly.

It’s like something breaks in him. Like something breaks in me, too, now we’re both falling together.

We fumble our way through the front door and up the stairs in the dark. JJ presses me to the wall in the hallway and I spread my legs for the questing reach of his fingers, shivering as they slide over the dampness on my panties. Against my hip I feel his hardness, solid with want.

JJ’s shoulders shudder


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