Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners by International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering

Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners by International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering

Author:International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: New in Chess


This was Simagin’s idea. Now, what many had thought was an impregnable centre is attacked.

10.cxd5 exd5 11.♘xc6 bxc6 12.exd5 ♘xd5 13.♘xd5 cxd5

Lipnitsky: ‘So, nothing has remained from White’s centre. True, Black has two isolated pawns, but one of these may on occasion turn out to be a dangerous passed pawn, while Averbakh uses the other to start active play at the queenside.’

14.0-0 a5 15.♖f2 ♗f6 16.♗d4 ♖b8 17.♗f1 ♗e6 18.b3 ♖b4 19.♗xf6 ♕xf6 20.♖c1 ♖fb8 21.♖c5 ♕d8 22.♗d3 g6 23.♕c2 a4

And Averbakh seized the initiative, again according to Lipnitsky. Indeed, after

24.bxa4 ♖b2 25.♕c3 ♖xf2 26.♔xf2 ♕h4+ 27.♔f1 ♕xa4

he was already clearly better – the a2-pawn is a weakness and the d5-pawn an asset. Eventually, Kortchnoi escaped with a draw, and a few years later he was to play the black side! (against Kieninger, Riga 1957). Lipnitsky ends the chapter with the remark that ‘the general conviction is that the centre is the soul of the opening.’ All together, a very lucid example, which still makes sense today.

28.♕c2 ♕d4 29.♖c3 ♕f4 30.h3 d4 31.♖c5 ♗xh3 32.gxh3 ♕xf3+ 33.♔g1 ♕g3+ 34.♔h1 ♕xh3+ 35.♕h2 ♕f3+ 36.♔g1 ♕e3+ 37.♔h1 ♕e1+ 38.♕g1 ♕d2 39.♗f1 ♖b1 40.♕g2 ♕e3 41.♖b5 ♖xb5 42.♗xb5 d3 43.♕g4 ♕c1+ 44.♕g1 ♕h6+ 45.♕h2 ♕c1+ 46.♕g1 ♕h6+ 47.♕h2 ♕e3 48.♕b8+ ♔g7 49.♕e8 ♕h3+ 50.♔g1 ♕g3+ 51.♔f1 d2 52.♗e2 ♕e1+ 53.♔g2 d1♕ 54.♕e5+ f6 55.♕c7+ ♔h6 56.♕f4+ ♔g7 57.♕c7+ ♔f8 58.♕c5+ ♔f7 59.♕a7+ ♔e6 60.♕e3+ ♔d7 61.♕a7+ ♔c6 62.♕a8+ ♔d7 63.♕a7+ ♔e8 64.♕e3+ ♔f8 65.♕h6+ ♔e8 66.♕e3+ ½-½

A restless king

Sicilian Defence

Igor Rubel

Mark Taimanov

Chelyabinsk ch-URS 1959

A couple of years later we see the 1958 Leningrad Champion still opt for a Maroczy set-up in a Sicilian. Igor Rubel will not be a household name; he died in 1963 in a plane crash, only thirty years old. He often had to fly for his work, and, unlike his colleagues, had taken a detour via Moscow this time to witness the Petrosian-Botvinnik match. The plane that took him from Moscow crashed in the Kazan region.

1.e4 c5 2.♘f3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.♘xd4 a6

Taimanov playing the Paulsen.


5.♗d3 and 5.♘c3 are alternatives, which later surpassed the text move in popularity.

5…♘f6 6.♘c3 ♕c7 7.♗e3 ♗b4 8.f3

This appears to be rather slow. 8.♗d3 became the main move, while lately the pawn sacrifice 8.♕b3 ♗xc3+ 9.♕xc3 ♘xe4 10.♕a3 has been tried.

8…0-0 9.♖c1


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