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CHAPTER FOUR Technology and Harassment As the websites and apps that teens use are constantly changing—fewer teens use Facebook than ever before—many of the adults who want to help you ...
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There are people who believe gay couples are less stable than straight couples. Again, few would argue that growing up with two parents who are in a solid, healthy relationship ...
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Former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. It is a challenge, ...
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Chapter Ten I turn west on Okeechobee Boulevard, and in less than a mile, I merge onto the I-95 South Miami ramp. I see the wheels inside Simone’s head turning, ...
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For public policy advocacy, such as environmental law advocacy, preparation in your chosen field could take a different form. A background in natural sciences, for example, would be helpful for ...
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Many sexual harassment survivors have post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, and would benefit from talking to a therapist. Maybe you are at the library and you think you see your ...
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Palestinians are a civilian population, and unlike Israel, have no army, navy, aircraft, airport, missiles, drones, tanks, jeeps, helicopters, tear gas grenades, “stink” bombs, or sound bombs. The Palestinian resistance ...
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Born in 1858, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was known as a sportsman, hunter, and conservationist long before becoming president in 1901. He had seen firsthand the effects of things like overgrazing ...
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10 The US Supreme Court Erred in Revising the Voting Rights Act Andrew Cohen Andrew Cohen is a contributing editor at The Atlantic, a legal analyst for 60 Minutes and ...
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Therapeutic communities are based on long-term residential treatment. Individual programs differ, but they are generally highly structured and have specific rules. The emphasis is on self-help, with the participants themselves ...
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Chapter 13 Riley Sublime. That is the only word for how this hot bath feels. My muscles, screaming from overuse, are thankful that I'm now taking care of them. I ...
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Chapter 12 When I awake the next morning, Kit is already up and dressed. “Hey, hope you slept okay?” “Yes, fine. Listen Mac,” her voice drops, “I’m sorry about last ...
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