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TRAVELING AND WRITING For Julio Ortega I amused myself recently rereading some fragments in an autobiographical notebook written some thirty years ago. I was hoping to find in its pages ...
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The One Rule for Life Early in his life, Kant understood the Whac-A-Mole game of maintaining hope in the face of the Uncomfortable Truth. And like everyone who becomes aware ...
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practice Creating a Gratitude Ritual Consider making gratitude one of your daily anchors. Here are a few suggestions to help you create a simple gratitude ritual: Keep it very simple. ...
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THE END ABOUT L.E. THOMAS L.E. Thomas mainly writes historical stories with an erotic twist. A lifelong enjoyment of history and literature is a spur for her imagination when conjuring ...
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A little after four p.m., Brooks and Cricket returned from The Warehouse. Cricket was ashen. She took a tumbler from one of the cupboards and poured herself a large glass ...
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Chapter 20 Ailish When the text arrived, Ailish was pulling the last of the turkey meat from the carcass. She’d torn a recipe from a magazine she’d found in the ...
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one 12-ounce spray bottle 12 ounces distilled water 3 drops favorite herbal essence 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin 1. Fill the spray bottle with the distilled water. 2. Add the herbal ...
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These following sketches were scribbled quickly, blind-contour-like, in the classroom where I was a testing proctor. Remember that these horrible drawings, however hard they are to look at, serve a ...
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Kai sighed again as she grabbed his hand. April waved goodbye to Jessie, then opened the door, yanking Kai through it. Before he disappeared, he looked back at Jessie watching ...
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16. Ranieri, L., Digiesi, S., Silvestri, B., Roccotelli, M.: A review of last mile logistics innovations in an externalities cost reduction vision. Sustainability 10(3), 782 (2018)Crossref 17. de Souza, R., ...
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Short Swoop, Long Line Kate’s two sons, engulfed in their hoodies, were waiting in line at the pizza counter behind Alex. It was startling to see them in person. Alex ...
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While the walls are not made of solid stone but of in-situ cast reinforced concrete clad in local stone, the project conveys the morphological and atmospheric qualities of stone architecture. ...
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At the conclusion of the song, Aline curtsied deeply in acknowledgment. She gave the lead fiddle player her hand, and after bending to kiss it, he pretended to fall backward ...
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