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VERSE Wild ducks—who knows how many? Seeing the approach, Baso had a conversation, Telling all about the clouds on the mountains and the moon over the sea. Still not understanding, ...
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9 HOW THE MIDDLE WAY FITS WITH OTHER PATHS Above we discussed how to perceive emptiness directly by first engaging it through understanding, then developing certainty in it, coming to ...
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11 Awakening to the Body through Mindfulness If one thing is developed and cultivated, the body is calmed, the mind is calmed, discursive thoughts are quieted, and all wholesome states ...
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Star Water One of the most intriguing ingredients appearing in the Tibetan book of spells is something called “star water” (skar chu). This is used in a ritual to bring ...
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PROBLEM 9: TRYING TOO HARD Advanced meditators are generally found to be pretty jovial people. They possess one of the most valuable of all human treasures, a sense of humor. ...
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Box 10 From the Dhammapada (trans. Norman) ‘He abused me, he struck me, he overcame me, he robbed me.’ Of those who do not wrap themselves up in it hatred ...
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From birth we have been conditioned by different events and people—our teachers, parents, country, culture, neighborhood, friends, and peers. Everything we cherish—our positions, attitudes, opinions, all of our attachments, all ...
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NOTES DO NOT DO ANYTHING EVIL 1. What is evil, what is good? One of the greatest Chinese Zen masters was asked by a disciple, “What should I do?” The ...
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THE METHOD FOR CAUSING THE WIND TO ABIDE IN THE CENTRAL CHANNEL Although we mainly need to cause the winds to enter, abide, and dissolve in the indestructible drop at ...
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The Synthesis and Names of the Great Perfection Then he continued, “O Teacher, Bhagavān, even if one correctly knows the nature of the Great Perfection of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa — ...
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Imagine that all the diseases of you and other sentient beings are flushed out of the body in the form of rotten blood and pus. Next, visualize all the negative ...
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A Drunken Buddha Suiwō and Tōrei were Zen master Hakuin’s two most capable assistants. Suiwō was known as a master of great capacity, Tōrei as a master of subtle detail. ...
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RECITE THE LOTUS PINNACLE OF AMOGHAPASHA MANTRA [23] See chapters 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, and 23. See also practice 31. The Third of the Ten Powerful Mantras Reciting this ...
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