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According to the literature, the attributable risk of mental health problems for violence is low. In practice, this means that if mental illness as a risk factor was completely removed, ...
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5.4 Racism in ‘Psy’ Research There are many fundamental problems with psychiatric and psychological research (‘psy’ research), which is carried out in a context of institutional racism. I shall summarise ...
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Rating Progress For TPP 1 there was little recorded change on her rating sheet during therapy for either recognition or revision. Interestingly she wrote on her rating sheet for TPP ...
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Hints for the flipside: What are the advantages and disadvantages of avoiding collecting information or looking into things before making a decision? How does making no preparations or plans influence ...
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Photos [T]he photographer is seen as “a kind of ideal observer,” a stance which “implicitly denies that picture-taking is an aggressive act,” something photographers usually feel obliged to do. Ansel ...
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At one point people looked at John's animation team and their efforts were considered a waste of resources, dollars and time. Their approach bolsters the power in combined elements of ...
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The Pink Elephant Problem It’s hard to fall asleep when your mind and emotions churn with angry thoughts. You may add a layer of difficulty falling asleep when you command ...
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White Matter Whether brain tissue is classified as GM or WM depends largely on the amount of myelinated axons. Myelination is the wrapping of oligodendrocytes around axons, which acts as ...
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DEVIANT PROACTION Let us consider a generic driving emotion that I am going to call ‘Driver 1’. We can describe it in the following diagram (Figure 10): … except we ...
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