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It is in this sense that Miller (2013a) believes that the twenty-first century bears witness to a great ‘disorder in the real’. This supposed loss of a transcendental or logical ...
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Checklist: Relational depth •Relational depth is most likely to develop when counsellors have integrated person-centred values, qualities and attitudes into their way of being. •Counsellors who are too anxious to ...
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The Myth of Harmfulness: Whether purchased from street dealers or in regulated dispensaries, marijuana is harmful and a waste of money. Maureen’s childhood was one that few of us could ...
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II The experimental treatment of the isolated elements detected the particular function of each in distributing attention in the field of view. But while all are possibly operative in a ...
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This is Leslie Fiedler, writing about Simone Weil. When I read it, I thought, Yes, that is me: deep in dreams of marbles, omens, and psychics, hoping that something will ...
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The Six Common Human Problems 1. What is the relation of man to nature? That is, what are we supposed to get out of nature, and how do we relate ...
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The Revolutionary Hero The revolutionary hero reorders the protective structure of society, when the emergence of an anomaly makes such reordering necessary. He is therefore the agent of change, upon ...
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* * * 1 Cf. M. Eliade, “Mystère et régénération spirituelle dans les religions extra-européennes,” Eranos Yearbook XXIII (1954), 90, after W. D. Westervelt, Legends of Ma-ui (Honolulu: Hawaiian Gazette Co., 128ff.); ...
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EMOTIONAL SCARS It has been said, “time heals all wounds”. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity covers them with scar tissue and ...
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Chapter 4 Langue, Parole, et Chanson On Language While the semiotic and discursive aspects of language are significant and intriguing, it may well be that other dimensions of this global ...
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Responses to these questions were coded into the domains of the TDF. Results: The TDF domains identified were used to guide the selection of BCTs for the intervention, informed by ...
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Sorting Things Out There is another example of order that you see all the time on the web: sorting options by an attribute, like from cheapest to most expensive. When ...
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