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Bibliography Agrimi, J. & Crisciani, C. (1998) Charity and aid in medieval Christian civilization. In M. Grmek (ed.) Western Medical Thought from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, translated by A. ...
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Religion There is a story that an elderly lady used to make a pilgrimage to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery every spring and lay flowers on the graves of Emerson and Hawthorne ...
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2 Normative versus nonnormative life decisions are categorized according to the frequency at which they occur during a life stage. Normative events are those that have a high correlation with ...
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5 While Aelred was in the neighbourhood of the city of York, where business to the archbishop of that diocese2 had brought him, he learned, by a happily timed report ...
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On the Constancy of the Wise Person LUCIUS ANNAEUS SENECA TRANSLATED BY JAMES KER (1.1) It would not be unfair for me to say, Serenus, that there is as much ...
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4. THE DOMESTIC CASE If Quine is right, relations of synonymy are not matters of fact even when they are supposed to hold between sentences of one and the same ...
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Corbulo: Cn. Domitius Corbulo (PIR2 D 142; RE Suppl. III, Domitius 50; Ritterling [1932] 48–9; Eck [1985] 117–19), half-brother of Suillius (1.1n.). Corbulo's career prior to his legateship of lower ...
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Jay crosses off to deal with the luggage. CLAIRE (Calling after Jay) Wouldn’t miss it for the world. (Then to Mitchell) We can bail on the reception, though, right? NEW ...
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CHAPTER XVI On the Wednesday evening Richard took tea at the Crabtree, so that he might go down by train to Parson’s Green direct from Charing Cross. The coffee-room was ...
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Further works Following the success of his First Symphony, Brahms composed three more, choosing to conclude his Fourth Symphony (1885) with a thrilling passacaglia—a Baroque form that develops its material ...
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He looked up at me, and his voice trailed off into silence. But I did nothing, except to say, in a voice that I knew to be my own because ...
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But after Philip, being now grown high and puffed up with his good success at Amphissa, on a sudden surprised Elatea and possessed himself of Phocis, and the Athenians were ...
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Levy D, Peart S (2011) Soviet growth and American textbooks. J Econ Behav Organ 78(1–2):110–125Crossref Lopus JS, Leet DR (2007) Ten observations on high school economics textbooks. Citizenship Soc Econ ...
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