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The truth is that I am enslaved… in one vast love affair with seventy children. SYLVIA ASHTON WARNER My high school English teacher not only encouraged me to become a ...
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8.3.4 Transboundary Cooperation Under EU Water Law and Policy As mentioned above, the WFD follows a basin approach. Consequently, the directive foresees close cooperation among member states sharing international river ...
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8 Judges Are Not Law Professors The external constraint on judicial behavior that is most compatible with a judiciary as independent as our federal judiciary is academic criticism, since it ...
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Acknowledgements We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of ALBORADA and Cambridge-Africa Program for Research Excellence (CAPREX) which has enabled the development of this chapter. We are also grateful to all key ...
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32 THE LONGEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE Referendum night, May 1980: after attending a celebratory rally in Verdun, Aline and I returned late to the hotel, absolutely exhausted. The next ...
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The relationship between men and women in the waged workplace is established by their relationship within the household. Counting women’s unwaged work would provide the basis for establishing equity in ...
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WITHIN a few days we struck a deal with Waxman’s office and agreed to sift through the documents to help them identify those of special importance. In exchange, we were ...
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In sampling 4 in the root of Lolium perenne , metal particles of 5–12 μm were found as shown in Fig. 6. Compared to sampling 1, metals are not accumulated ...
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1 Introduction Currently, people don’t have the need to learn SL that is unique to each community and designed by themselves, i.e. the spanish SL is not completely similar as ...
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Chapter 9: Assange, Russia, and Hillary Sunday, November 18, 2018 Last night, I was plagued by nightmares that caused me to sleep very poorly. I am feeling chest pains intensifying ...
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Investigation—The Ombud as Flaneur/Flaneuse Central to ombud-technique, and chief among its claims to offer a viable alternative to adjudication or to mediation as a form of negotiated justice, is the ...
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Droit de Suite The artist who sells original art seldom benefits from appreciation of the art in the future. Because of this, in 1920, France created the droit de suite, ...
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