African History
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Employment Neoliberalism views wages as just another piece of the mosaic that makes up an economy. Any government involvement in wages, be it setting minimum wages or protecting workers’ right ...
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Although unsuccessful, the Pahang Consolidated lawsuit showed the strength of opposition among some British firms to the expansion of the colonial government’s economic powers, which the international agreement had facilitated. ...
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4. Jackson, Miss., 1964—July, COFO office, M. L. King talks to staff This photograph would have been taken in the COFO office on Lynch Street in Jackson. The map of ...
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* * * — “So the alley,” the Big Fish said. “Are there lights back there?” “No,” Demo said. “It’s darker than hell.” “Good. Get in and we can drive ...
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For the tenth time in five minutes, I grind my teeth together and hold my breath as Ollie’s leg rubs against my crotch. I know she’s doing it on purpose. ...
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On the Night of Great Fear Mormon the Younger put down the scroll he was reading and went to the window. He had a room on the tall second story ...
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2 The 62nd Leningrad Police Precinct headquarters occupied a scruffy prewar brick building stained with urban grime and still pockmarked by wartime shrapnel. It was located behind the sprawl of ...
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Late Byzantine manuscript illumination provides another source of comparison for painting styles. Once again the parallels with the Ottoman cluster are notable: the rough and patchy painting technique and the ...
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However, by the late nineteenth century the characterization of the Buddha as a social reformer became much less prevalent. One reason for this, Almond suggests, was the fear that the ...
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Isaac Newton. Maritxu Oiartzun, CC BY-SA 4.0 < >, via Wikimedia Commons; The Renaissance was full of scientific discoveries and inventions. The telescope and the microscope were both ...
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"Oh! carve not with thy hours my love's fair brow, Nor write rude lines there with thine antique pen." Some such adjuration, one would think, had reached the ear of ...
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