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The Oftentimes-Helpful, Churchgoing Ape KEY TERMS The altruism problem Inclusive fitness Direct versus indirect fitness Relatedness Reciprocal altruism Moral emotions Cheater detection Competitive altruism Sexually selected altruism Multilevel selection and ...
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“What are you noticing now?” he asked as tears spontaneously came up, and I felt myself fighting back anger and tightness in my body. I closed my eyes and went ...
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Origin of Teenage Our Homo erectus ancestors most likely acquired another burden—the teenager. From characteristics of ancient teeth and bones, it appears that at some point (perhaps some 900,000 to ...
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TYPES OF UNSUPPORTIVE LANGUAGE Sarcasm: Sarcasm uses mockery to convey a message of contempt. The chosen words are meant to cut or sting the other person. It intentionally inflicts pain ...
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Learning Not to Come Given our culture’s sexist expectations of female passivity, refusal to acknowledge female sexual desire, and reluctance to teach about the anatomy and function of clitorises, many ...
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POST-MENOPAUSAL RISKS The uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, including fatigue, depression, hot flashes, and sleep troubles turn out to be far more than just an inconvenience, but rather are harbingers of ...
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Interrogate Our Voices Once we are aware that we have a voice, and that people’s attempts to influence and judge our voice is not reason to think we don’t have ...
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Chapter 8 An Aspect of Personality If you want to understand yourself, you must consider differences in personality, an aspect of which is your typical cognitive mode. What do we ...
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Remind Yourself of Past Masteries Most of us have far more proficiency than we give ourselves credit for. You may need to be reminded of what a capable, smart, strong ...
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WE ARE GENERATION ANXIETY BECAUSE WE ARE GENERATION APPEARANCE It’s not by happenstance that Casey was struggling with how she looked. She had been primed to feel insecure. Especially regarding ...
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