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SHADER It was so dark I couldn’t tell where the gorse ended and the horizon began. In the Hither Hills of Montauk, the dark was like snow: a soft, dampening ...
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CHAPTER THREE The last Saturday of September dawned unusually fine. Unwilling to waste such a glorious day, Alex packed his tackle box and fishing pole onto his motorcycle and headed ...
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A toned-looking eight-year-old Springer Spaniel cross. Although neutered, a sensible diet and plenty of exercise have maintained this senior dog’s weight at the right level. Taking action It’s not just ...
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CHAPTER NINE DEFENDER OF THE LAND The arrival of the Series I Land Rover had a profound effect on Britain’s agriculture. The Land Rover is as much a fixture of ...
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Decks — Naturally versatile You may decide that building a pond-side deck is easier than lugging pavers. A deck is a bigger investment and is more difficult to modify at ...
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The swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. This is reflected even in its name. It is one of the oldest names in the English language, ...
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Chapter Thirteen She was falling in love with Colter Hayes. A man she barely knew. It was ridiculous. It shouldn’t even be possible. And yet, her heart thumping madly and ...
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Service animals are allowed into restaurants, and since they are well behaved they usually lay down and wait for their owner. They do not beg for food and they ignore ...
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If giving my time means anything, right on. The press says Ron Lyle digs young people and I do. But I dig going to juvenile homes, reformatories, industrial schools. The ...
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November 9, 1954—the Frantic Rush to Get Things Right Creed Haberlin of Olsen Nolte Saddle Shop produced a blanket correct in both color and size and donated a fine leather ...
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Blakiston’s Fish Owl A SERIES OF DISTINCTIVE low hoots signals the presence of a sumo wrestler of a bird. It’s Blakiston’s Fish Owl—“Blakiston’s” because its existence was recorded by the ...
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21 He’d had a brief mental outline of how he’d wanted the scene to play out before he’d even picked Lara up that night. And it had played out better ...
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SOAP IT UP The use of human soap products like shampoo, bubble bath and hand soap can be damaging to a dog’s coat and skin. Human products are too strong; ...
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