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aaa authentication ppp global aaa authentication ppp {default | listname} method ... method no aaa authentication ppp Configures AAA authentication method for PPP Default local Description This command defines a ...
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Description (Error Object) Notes The CursorType property of the Recordset object is read-only if the recordset is already open but read/write otherwise. If you attempt to set the CursorType property ...
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Setting Up Security In the router’s configuration utility, open the Security section and choose a security mode. You might also be prompted to choose an authentication type or encryption technique. ...
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Figure 19-14 Link-local address in ipconfig The second 64 bits of a link-local address, the interface ID, are generated in two ways. Every current operating system generates a 64-bit random ...
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Remoting into my Server When I remote into my server, I use ssh (Secure SHell), I do this by opening a Terminal and typing: ssh [email protected] or IP-address, and this ...
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OpenStack DNS service– Designate DNS is an important service that many services rely on. Designate is the DNS as a service solution of OpenStack. A variety of DNS servers are ...
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To create the Service Application by PowerShell, we need to use the New-SPBusinessDataConnectivityServiceApplication PowerShell cmdlet from an elevated SharePoint Management Shell. We need to specify the name of the Service ...
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epub |eng | 2009-06-03 | Author:Rich Seifert [Rich Seifert] Aggressive Backoff Analogous to the backpressure approaches discussed earlier, a switch or other device can modify the characteristics of the Ethernet backoff algorithm to obtain an unfair advantage and ...
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CAUTION Restoring a factory recovery partition wipes out all user data and apps, restoring the system to its as-shipped condition. This feature should be used only if there is no ...
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Seven Steps to Building an Intranet Using SharePoint Communication Sites In this section, we will learn about seven practical steps that you can consider when building an Intranet for your ...
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In this chapter, we explain these three tasks. Using SharePoint Groups SharePoint uses groups to manage the process of granting someone access to the content in a site. Each SharePoint ...
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