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FIGURE 5.1. A JuicedLink Riggy. Capturing Dual Sound Using dual sound is common in HDSLR audio. With dual sound, a separate device, such as a recorder by the manufacturer Zoom, ...
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Partial screenshot of the Lightroom Classic software reproduced with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated 11.71 - Area with Shadow Clipping in the image Note that the areas are not continuous. ...
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Step 17: Let’s add the same stroke to the other square photo. Repeat the same steps: click on the layer, Ctrl-click on the layer thumbnail, add a new layer, then ...
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Step Seven: Open the photos that are going to be included on the album page. (Note: This is easiest if you turn on the Allow Floating Documents in Expert Mode ...
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Color Correction If you need to correct the colors on your images in Photoshop, you can use the Auto Color and Photo Filters. Both of these are simple to implement ...
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Fixing Small Imperfections with Tools Elements provides you with several handy tools to correct minor imperfections in your photos. You can use the Clone Stamp tool to clone parts of ...
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First, you’ll configure the Pen tool options and the work area. In the Tools panel, select the Pen tool (). In the options bar, select or verify the following settings: ...
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Chapter 9 Marking and Selecting of Photographs Marking and choosing photos from the Catalog In this chapter, we will cover the marking and selection of photographs, which is the stage ...
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Number of Sunrays (Advanced Settings) How defined do you want each ray to be? The Number of Sunrays control ranges from fewer broader rays (a low number) to more, narrower ...
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Opening non-RAW files in Photoshop with Lightroom When you use the Edit in Photoshop menu to open a non-RAW file, such as a TIFF or PSD, the External Editing preferences ...
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Type a new value in the Opacity field. B You can also click the and then drag the selection slider (). A layer’s opacity can range from 0% to 100%. ...
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TIP How do I use the Toning Curve and Histogram at the bottom of the HDR Toning dialog box? The histogram is an area graph showing the distribution of lighting ...
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