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14 Alex There was something up with Cat. Alex wasn’t great with people, but his sister was the one exception to that rule. He basically spent twenty-four hours a day ...
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- I guess that was really the day I finally joined the colony, became a Brasiliano Novo—or at least, decided to try. I had already been utterly committed, physically, since ...
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TRAINS NOT TAKEN For Lee Schultz Dappled sunlight danced on the Eastern side of the train. The boughs of the great cherry trees reached out along the tracks and almost ...
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Chapter 31 L-5—Day 39 Ramis felt regret the moment he Jumped from Orbitech 1. He knew the measured burst from the MMU added to his velocity, but he could not ...
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Namu had died on July 6, 1966, after a year in captivity, before the August release of Namu, the Killer Whale (later re-released as Namu, My Best Friend). Director László ...
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Document Outline Pratchett, Terry - Discworld Troll Bridge.htm
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Improvement Description Cost 1,000 gold New Banners The black hand of the Dark Brotherhood now adorns many a wall. pieces An Alchemy Lab, complete with potions and special plants (that ...
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Nine Harmony Harmony and Emery spent more time together over the next two weeks, and as well as the concert, there were other things for them to enjoy. To her ...
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Twelve Andy As soon as they finished work the next day, they made their way to the Christmas Festival, which was taking place in the town square for the twelve ...
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10 When Jan and Mary Alice heard about Barbie’s counterattack, they were of the opinion she’d lost her mind. “Any ordinary boy, sure, but Keith Vaughn!” Mary Alice said in ...
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* * * This article was originally published in the November 2013 issue of Playboy. Check out more from the issue at Illustration by P-Jay Fidler
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Chapter 17 I don’t recognise the number, but I answer it anyway. ‘Elvis,’ the voice says, ‘it’s Em.’ ‘Oh, hi,’ I say, my throat full of sleep. ‘Elvis, something terrible’s ...
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KINGS OF THE NIGHT ~ CHAPTER 1 The Caesar lolled on his ivory throne— His iron legions came To break a king in a land unknown, And a race without ...
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