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Reflect and Discuss 1. Why would God choose Saul for conversion at this point in the history of the church? 2. Can you think of other people—historical or contemporary—who have ...
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CHAPTER FOUR THE DNA OF A NEW CHURCH Mission is the DNA of the church. —William O’Brien If you were to walk to your car right now and open up ...
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Join a LinkedIn Group There are many reasons to join a professional group. For a complete list of groups, see ( ) Find new church members, staff or volunteers Find ...
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Chapter 5 Conclusions and counsels What, then, are we to make of all this? How should we respond to the challenges and opportunities, the beauties over which we must rejoice ...
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Solomon basically became Billy Madison. He’s saying, “I didn’t do anything for myself. I woke up about 11:00, and somebody cooked breakfast for me, chewed it up for me, and ...
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Soul Care with Excellence The small church is the natural setting for soul care, the most favorable climate to engage persons whose life stories have been disrupted and now seek ...
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Chapter 4 Scrappy Churches Are Welcoming Churches THE SECRET GUEST. It sounds a bit mysterious, maybe like the CIA for churches. But it’s really one of the most helpful tools ...
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8 Strengthening the Multicultural Nature of Orthodoxy The intrinsically cross-cultural nature of orthodoxy provides the third level of evidence of its rebirth. There is a growing awareness within the church ...
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Evidently, the church around the world understands and practices something the North American church doesn’t, for they are far more effective at evangelism than we are. The Western church must ...
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So while the NCEA assessments are impressive diagnostic tools for the DREs and catechists in individual parishes, a true picture of the effectiveness of all catechetical programs nationwide, or even ...
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Fig. 2. Jeoldusan (“Beheading Mountain”) is the cli ff on which countless Catholics were beheaded during the great persecution of 1866. The bodies were thrown into the Han River below, ...
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RESULTS OF WALKING BY FAITH I’ve witnessed some dramatic steps of faith in my thirty-three years of ministry, and I’ve observed that the church that walks by faith realizes four ...
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Chapter 25 Facilitate Process Think of a continuum that has a high school geometry lecture on the left and a walk alone in the park on the right. What is ...
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