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BORN IN IDAHO OR MONTANA, 1788(?); DIED IN FORT MANUEL, NORTH DAKOTA, 1812 (SACAJAWEA) Two American explorers and their Shoshone Indian interpreter on an epic journey Meriwether Lewis and William ...
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epub |eng | 2017-03-15 | Author:Tony Bradman [Bradman, Tony]

CHAPTER 7 When I came round, my hands were tied behind my back and I was being dragged down the street. My legs and feet bumped over the cobbles, Bad ...
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epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden [McCann, Michelle Roehm & Welden, Amelie]

Golda Meir 1898–1978 PRIME MINISTER ISRAEL There is only one thing I hope to see before I die, and that is that my people should not need expressions of sympathy ...
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32 I sit across from Moniek at the kitchen table. The children are outside. The house is quiet. For days I have been telling myself I must wait for the ...
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epub |eng | 2013-02-11 | Author:Jacob Abbott [Abbott, Jacob]

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The next two seasons were a great success. In the spring of 1854 Davidson got his own ship. It was a good idea, because he and Alden constantly irritated each ...
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epub |eng | 2010-05-20 | Author:Colonel Bernd Horn

The patrol tasks fell to all companies within 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. “I was on some night patrols,” reminisced Private Harold Croft, “which was not my favourite pastime.” Others enjoyed ...
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20 DUKE KAHANAMOKU The sport of surfing is an ancient one that stretches back as far as human activity has been recorded. It has been practiced along the coasts of ...
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epub |eng | 2016-08-08 | Author:David Stabler

On a snowy February night in 1933, Eisuke and Isoko Ono welcomed their first child into the world. They called her Yoko, meaning “Ocean Child.” It was a fitting name ...
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epub |eng | 2001-03-17 | Author:Kenneth Bagnell

Jesus, Saviour, pilot me Over life’s tempestuous sea . . . Six Thomas Barnardo in Canada July day in 1884, when the sun was high and hot and fell upon ...
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epub |eng | 2018-07-15 | Author:Marilyn Miller, Ellen Scordato & Dan Tucker

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APPENDIX TO CHAPTER VI. THE STELE OF MESHA, THE MOABITE THE DESTINIES OF MOAB, LIKE those of all the small states and principalities that form the group of Palestine, lie ...
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epub |eng | 2018-09-11 | Author:Katherine Halligan

HEALING HANDS Elizabeth became a teacher and set up a school with her sisters because she needed the money and because she loved history. In fact, she found everything to ...
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