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* * * Chris Dercon, director, Tate Modern, London * * * The commissioning and research programme Situations, based at the University of the West of England in Bristol, is ...
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10 VISUAL ART Visual art—meaning, for now, the art of the “art world,” of galleries, museums, auction houses, and the rest—is subject to a radically different set of economic circumstances ...
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The Influence of Source- or Supplier-Based Routines Because it is impossible to be eye witnesses of all occurrences, newsworkers know reality through sources or suppliers. These sources, usually individuals, end ...
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Aubrey sees herself as the experienced leader who knows what it takes for the group to be successful. Yet, her closed mindset causes her to get defensive and shut down ...
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Conclusion In a poignant comment on one of his favorite historical actors, A. J. P.Taylor once remarked that historians who wrote about Bismarck always had “some political axe to grind, ...
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The pain eradiating from Ken’s lower lip hadn’t dulled since Scott had punched him, and he found himself continuing to check the mirror to examine the swelling that had doubled ...
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Droit de Suite The artist who sells original art seldom benefits from appreciation of the art in the future. Because of this, in 1920, France created the droit de suite, ...
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© Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018 Gerald Bast, Elias G. Carayannis and David F. J. Campbell (eds.)The Future of MuseumsArts, Research, Innovation and Society 9. “Media ...
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Additionally, there are the theft of art and antiquities from archaeological sites, private collections and national museums; insurance fraud; and art held for ransom or ‘extorted’. These cultural crimes are ...
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4Herbert Read and the Defence of German Modernism From its opening sentences, Read’s introduction to Modern German Art made clear his view that an educational exhibition of the style was ...
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What seems critical about this response is, first, that the student is affirming the effectiveness, indeed necessity, of the verbatim approach of “asking about [people’s] lives.” And second, as Nedelsky ...
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9.2 A New Role for the English Teacher and for the Students The first, and arguably most important, of the key changes in this revised curriculum is the new and ...
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We all have social causes we feel excited and passionate about, but it can be difficult to convince others to be as passionate or as involved as we are. I ...
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