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Chapter Ten Jak looked up at the canyon face. The sun was starting to ascend and the heat beginning to grow again. Above, across the clear air of the canyon, ...
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Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning Buildings enter our memories as characters in films; they are characters in novels, and they even play a role in cartoons. Would Charles Addams’s characters ...
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Docks and pilings, resurfaced Pinus echinata, Pseudotsuga menziesii Scrap, Waste, and Oddities Reclaimed millwork generates significant amounts of rejected wood—its waste factor, aside from sawdust: so-called “aged skins,” naily edges, ...
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New York after 2001 The aftereffects of the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001, and the national recession of that year comprised a surprisingly short-lived setback to the ...
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Drones The 15-year-old Luke Bannister had a proud and exuberant smile on his face. He had just flown the flight of his life, hurtling at stunning speeds while taking steep ...
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The Taste of Stone In his writings, Adrian Stokes was particularly sensitive to the realms of tactile and oral sensations: ‘In employing smooth and rough as generic terms of architectural ...
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Examples of a bad town house configuration: slot home (tuck-under town houses perpendicular to the street). One example is loaded in the middle of the lot, and the other is ...
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Figure 4.23. Tampa zoning, 1966. The area had just two zoning districts. There are other examples of how zoning’s increasing complexity undermined a healthy form of land-use mixing. The zoning ...
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In short, with respect to participation, the social impact assessment implies involving private or public planning entities in a different manner of interpreting an intervention and, above all, of a ...
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Commuter Lines and Transit Systems Most cities in megaregions have transit agencies and may also have commuter rail lines that extend out beyond the limits of the transit system and ...
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+ Effective, modernized, heavy-rail network + Busy urban light rail with dedicated lanes and downtown subway – Major investments in commuter rail focus on 9-to-5 trips – Lack of BRT/Rail ...
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An example of a transition is a society’s shift from the use of fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. As a result of global warming, geopolitics, and the depletion of ...
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E3. ENERGY GENERATION • E3.1. Secure the reliability and flexibility of Energy Generation services • E3.2. Place and distribute Energy Generation facilities for optimized Energy system performance • E3.3. Integrate ...
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