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The carpenters spend a long time kneeling on the floor, worrying about the way in which they’ll apply the trim to the eaves. “There’s the rake board. Then comes the ...
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During these years, Kahlo experienced increasing and painful physical challenges as the long-term effects of polio and the bus accident plagued her. She was often hospitalized or confined to her ...
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Figure 6.5 Lever press from Ras Shamra, after Callot 1987, 208, Fig. 10. Drawing by Will Schenck. Clearly, the effect of this development was potentially quite dramatic. Regardless of whether ...
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The Mosque as Cathedral, and the New Building Cordoba was not back in Christian hands until 1235, and the Great Mosque was then used as the cathedral after the Chapter ...
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ment and upon functional readjustment, rather than upon more foreign chemical and mechanical aids without such conditions. Here again the intuition of Hahnemann as to the role of minute quantities ...
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Morty Fine, the night manager of the Nelson Hotel, is half-asleep over his magazine when Andy Railsback comes bursting in, startling him so badly that Morty almost tumbles out of ...
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FIGURE 24. For some critics, the completed Richards building evoked historical precedents that suggested a path beyond modernism. (©Richard Lautman Photography, National Building Museum) When it opened, in 1961, Richards ...
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* * * Existing ground floor plan Existing second floor plan A. Entry B. Hall C. Living room D. Closet E. Sitting room F. Dining area G. Kitchen H. Utility ...
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Justin initially (and seemingly instinctually) referred to the costume as being a very medieval element, then referred to the visual aspect of the world generally. However, the conversation then turned ...
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THE ACTIVITIES OF THE INANIMATE not about the air within the flask. Even if he had made these further measurements, he would scarcely have known what to make of the ...
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On-Grid An on-grid system, in which you draw power from the local utility company or other established source, is modeled after a traditional house power setup. The only difference between ...
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The Place of Placemaking The history of urban agriculture in Milwaukee clarifies that the connection between community development and place expressed in contemporary placemaking is and always has been embedded ...
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