Beloved: Born of Darkness (Book 3) by R. B. Fields

Beloved: Born of Darkness (Book 3) by R. B. Fields

Author:R. B. Fields [Fields, R. B.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pygmalion Publishing
Published: 2021-04-01T04:00:00+00:00



I watch her writhing against me with the practiced attention of a sculptor, where one wrong move might render countless hours of carving worthless.

Things have changed. And I do not know what to do about it.

I smelled her from the moment we pulled into the driveway, maybe even before that — a sweetness that wrapped me in a saccharine cloud.

But I did not understand.

I met her in the living room, her big blue eyes mildly suspicious, but not afraid, and that in and of itself was intoxicating if not markedly strange. Her curves were all any vampire might want to pass the night — to fuck. To feed on. God knows I’ve done that enough times.

I still did not understand.

When she was nude in my lap, the wet heat of her slicking my vampire thighs, all I wanted to do was taste her, and it was more than the sensation of excitement before a kill. Draynor described the inamorata as a feeling of being inside her soul — and she in theirs. I’ve fucked and fed on enough mortal women to know this is not a normal occurrence for our kind. I frankly expected something more malicious — some sign of witchcraft. A hex. A spell compelling them to love her. I saw nothing of this, and nothing of her mind, of her past, and I’ve never been tricked by a human before — never. But her body, this sexual ritual they have … what can it possibly solve? If I can’t see her past with her blood in my mouth, why will fucking her help? It’s illogical. And I want her all the same.

But as she takes me inside her … I feel it. A symphony of voices shouting over one another, but none of them are in this room — loud. So loud. I have read the histories of hundreds of vampires and humans alike, but this is foreign and strange and almost terrifying in its intensity. The tiny molecules of her blood beneath my fingernails prickle as if they’re electrified. She arches her back, Silas and Draynor holding her up — she’s completely open, entirely trusting. A human in a hive of vampires, and she has no fear. No fear at all.

She tightens her thighs and grinds against me, and the pressure of her, the steady pulsing massage around my dick is enough to drive me mad. The leather cuffs tighten on my wrists as I strain, trying to reach her, but no, no, no, I’m not allowed, and with good reason. My teeth are burning against my guns. I want to taste her. If she leans just a little closer …

A moan escapes my lips as she thrusts again, in and out, in and out, in and out. Draynor and Silas are helping her along, moving her against me as one, their free hands roaming over her skin. I imagine it’s my fingers between her legs. That I’m touching the tender nubs of her nipples.

“She cannot come into this world as she is.


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