American History Stories, Volume I (Yesterday's Classics) by Pratt Mara L

American History Stories, Volume I (Yesterday's Classics) by Pratt Mara L

Author:Pratt, Mara L. [Pratt, Mara L.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: History
ISBN: 9781599152028
Publisher: Yesterday's Classics
Published: 2010-11-12T00:18:48.565000+00:00


Such punishments would seem unchristian now, but they were very common in those days.

The New England people were also very strict regarding the Sabbath. As soon as the sun went down on Saturday evening their Sabbath began. From that time until sunset on Sunday night no manner of work was allowed to be done; no visiting, no playing, no gayety of any kind was permitted; one man, it is said, was brought to trial and fined for kissing his wife on a Sabbath morning.

Public worship took place in what was called the meeting house, the place where all meetings for attending to the town's business were held.

Slowly and solemnly the families all walked to church, coming sometimes for miles from the country around.


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