7-14 Days by Noah Waters

7-14 Days by Noah Waters

Author:Noah Waters
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
ISBN: 9780982907405
Publisher: Willison & Fish Publishing
Published: 2012-09-26T20:10:46.473000+00:00

Chapter XII

THE EARLY OCTOBER SKIES GLOWED PUMPKIN ORANGE AS THE EVENING SUN returned to the ocean’s treasures. The seasons of California were slow to change compared with the rest of the country. The sands and beaches still held a crystal layer of glitter from the summer as the temperature slowly started to drop. Weeks churned away and the media still reported confused and uncorroborated reports about the attacks. The event continued to be covered around the world.

Noah’s arrival in San Francisco was a culture shock. She took in the extreme change of scenery—the vast stretches of highway looked nothing like her back home country roads. They appeared to wrap around in bow knots like a Christmas ribbon on a package. What the Californian folks called countryside to her was inner city. Suburbanites was a new term she would come to hear often. It took a while before she realized this was a term for other human beings.

While Noah had two bachelor’s degrees and considered herself to be somewhat educated, it didn’t take long to see that she still had much to learn. Her in-processing, as the military liked to call the check-in procedure for the base, had gone fairly smoothly—a lot different than Cajun-style moving, which usually consisted of someone’s old rusted-out pickup hauling everything in a mile-high stack. She had been assigned to the same towers where the rest of the sea marshals would be staying. This would help to ease the introductions.

On her arrival, Noah had taken the local bus from the airport and was dropped off in front of the large iron gate to the base. Her first view was that of the ocean glittering in the sun. She watched the massive Coast Guard cutters in all their beauty and strength move about the shores with consistency and ease. At the front desk, she did not see anyone she recognized.

A few hours later, she was scrambling through her bags and pockets, searching. She had never been good at placing her keys in the same location twice. Moving to California probably wasn’t going to change that habit. Finally, the elevator stopped on the third floor of the towers of Jack London Square. As she stepped off she could hear herself whispering, “206, 206. Ah, here it is.” She turned the key in the door after thumbing through every item in her bag.

Upon entering she saw a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room, which in Noah’s mind was perfect. The icing on the cake was a large garden tub. At least this is what the Californians called it. To Noah, it was a tub large enough to soak in completely while she daydreamed of beautiful, tropical plants and smelled mango-scented candles. This may not be so bad after all, she thought. Placing her bags to the side, she did a quick check to ensure that she had sufficient supplies—kitchen utensils, linens, and towels before she headed out the door. It looks like groceries are all I need at this point and a way of getting around town, she thought.


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