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Note: Magnetic levitation is being used to lift and propel the trains.

36. Making an electric buzzer

An electric motor works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. An electric current flows into the motor through a wire. The wire inside an electric motor is wound into a coil that can rotate. This coil of wire is placed between two poles of a fixed magnet.

When an electric current flows through the wire, it creates a magnetic field around the coil, with a north pole at one side and a south pole on the other. If the south pole of the coil is near the south pole of the fixed magnet, the two like poles repel each other and the coil turns round. The coil rotates halfway round the circle. For a complete turning, the direction of the current in the coil is changed.

You Require

One wooden platform 15 cm x 10 cmx 1 cm

One 5 cm long cork

Two U-clips

Tape enamelled copper wire

Four nails about 5 cm long

One hammer two drawing pins

One steel knitting needle about 10 cm long

One 4.5 volt battery Two long bar magnets

What To Do


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