The Trademark Guide by Lee Wilson

The Trademark Guide by Lee Wilson

Author:Lee Wilson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Allworth Press
Published: 2018-04-25T04:00:00+00:00


And then there are the sins of lawyers that require summary execution, without discussion, without possibility of a reduced sentence. It may be unlikely that any lawyer you investigate before hiring will ever commit any of these sins, all of which are major breaches of a lawyer’s duty to his or her client. However, although lawyers don’t like to admit that any such breaches ever occur, they sometimes do. In the burgeoning population of American lawyers, there are bound to be some who are truly corrupt, because of alcoholism or drug abuse or gambling, because of ineptitude, because of depression or some other mental illness, or because of simple, garden-variety venality.

For lawyers, these mortal sins are failing to keep a client’s secrets, stealing from a client, and lying to a client.

If at any time you find that your lawyer has committed any of these sins, terminate his or her services immediately by means of a hand-delivered letter in which you demand prompt delivery to you of your file and the return of any retainer or deposit against fees for legal work that has not yet been performed. Threats seldom produce the desired results and, if they are too rash, diminish the force of the threat, but you should include in your letter a measured statement that you will take your complaint to the lawyer-licensing board for your state if your lawyer fails to comply promptly with your demands. Then, if your lawyer’s transgression was serious enough, or has caused you significant harm, file your complaint anyway. You will find that the lawyer-licensing board will take your complaint very seriously and that the only lawyer who will criticize your action is the one who will become the subject of the board’s investigation.


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