The Return of the Rebel Angels by Timothy Wyllie

The Return of the Rebel Angels by Timothy Wyllie

Author:Timothy Wyllie
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: New Age/Spirituality
ISBN: 9781591439455
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Published: 2011-08-16T16:00:00+00:00

Plate 1. Animus Mundi: The Return of the Prince

Plate 2. From Jericho to Cairo

Plate 3. Glastonbury and the Angel of Peace

Plate 4. The Reawakened Delphic Oracle

Plate 5. Stonehenge: 1984 The Return of the Caducean Emerald

Plate 6. The Arrival of Quetzalcoatl in New York City

Plate 7. The Verdants’ secret city as I imagined it to be in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains in New Mexico

Plate 8. My own conception of the mile-long Arcturian mothership docked in the fifth dimension over New Mexico’s Manzano Mountains

Cylinder seals appear in ancient Near Eastern cultures and were evidently used to imprint the identity of the seal holder in soft clay. In some cases they became the precursor of hieroglyphic writing, but that didn’t seem to be what Mich was hinting at.

We both pulled out our sketchbooks simultaneously. Drawing an object requires an unusual level of consciousness. Not only does one have to look with great care, but drawing also has the additional advantage of stilling the mind.

Here I can’t quote verbatim what I heard while I was drawing, but as I looked more carefully at the cylinders, it was obvious there was a wide variety of extremely unlikely symbols etched into them. They were all meticulously carved, some with tiny human forms incised so precisely as to leave no doubt at the skill of the artist, which made it all the more surprising when I examined and drew the more idiosyncratic seals, to find just as exquisitely carved a hermaphroditic winged figure, a variety of winged goats, a man’s face with what appeared to be a flying saucer, and creatures, many of them with wings and strange faces, half-bird and half-man.

Mich was nudging me; there was something here he wanted me to really understand.

Then, I got it!

Some of the cylinder seals, but not all of them by any means, symbolized a far deeper claim of identity. Mich wanted me to know this was an era when the midwayers were exerting their influence more openly in the world. Not only were some masquerading as the gods of the ancient pantheons, but others were also supporting chosen bloodlines. The symbols on the seals he was drawing my attention to had been used by the great trading families and the clans who were working with individual midwayers. People had intense relationships, in a way we moderns can’t start to appreciate, with those entities they might have thought of as their household gods.

Then I knew why it was that Mich was showing me this.

We’d only recently petitioned the Most Highs for the return of the more than forty thousand rebel midwayers who have been away from the planet these past two millennia. We had somewhat cavalierly asked for them back, trusting that if it wasn’t meant to happen, the Most Highs would have rejected the petition. At this stage we didn’t know whether they’d accepted it or not—and we wouldn’t know until some weeks later.

However, what Mich was making clear was that if the midwayers were to be


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