The Raging Ghost (Reconstructed) by Babybucky1943

The Raging Ghost (Reconstructed) by Babybucky1943

Author:Babybucky1943 [babybucky1943]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fanworks, Mature, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, cops - Character, Violent Bucky, Mentally unstable Bucky, Anger, Bucky gets arrested, he needs steve, Steve is missing, bucky is not ashamed just angry, M/M, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Marvel, Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Phil Coulson, Messy Diapers, wet diapers, Brainwashing, Brain Damage, hydra control, thumb sucking, killing bad people, Tony works on Bucky's arm, lots and lots of juice boxes, body piercings
Publisher: Archive of Our Own
Published: 2021-05-16T00:00:00+00:00

The fond memories poured over him, making speech difficult at some points. He put his chin in his hands. Thoughts of his own ma were washing over him now.

“You were littler then,” Bucky said softly.

“I was,” Steve agreed, tenting his fingers thoughtfully. “You took care of me a lot back then.”

“Why?” Bucky wanted to know.

Steve chewed his bottom lip for a minute. “I guess because I was always sick. I needed help and you just wouldn’t leave.” He gave a little laugh.

Bucky pushed a finger into his mouth, sucking on it noisily for a moment.

Steve glanced at him. “Take your finger out of your mouth, Buck and eat your lunch.”

Bucky’s eyes immediately turned stormy. “I want juice!”

Steve got up, retrieving two juice boxes. He put the straws in and set them in front of Bucky. He really hoped that he could get some help with communicating with Bucky.

Bucky guzzled the juice in several big gulps and then heaved a big breath. "I like juice."

"That's good." Steve tried not to feel impatient. He handed him a napkin. “Wipe your face. You have butter on your chin."

After lunch was cleaned up, Steve knew the psychiatrist was likely to show up at any moment. Would it be better to warn Bucky? Or to ....The doorbell rang.

Bucky was immediately on his feet. “No! Stay out!!”

Steve said, “JARVIS let him in please.” He pulled Bucky into his arms. “It’s okay. It’s someone safe.”

Bucky apparently didn’t agree because he went ballistic when the doctor stepped in, screaming and swearing at the newcomer.

Steve did his best to restrain him but he was starting to realize just how strong Bucky was. Especially his left arm.

The psychiatrist watched with interest. “I won’t come any closer, Bucky. I’m Dr. Lyons.” He put his bag down and took a chair beside the door. He waited patiently for Bucky to calm down.

Steve felt an elbow in his ribs and tightened his grip, breathing through the pain. It was a good ten minutes of screaming before Bucky started to settle, still looking at the new person nervously.

Steve settled onto the couch and pulled Bucky down onto his lap. “He’s got some issues with people he doesn’t know.”

Dr. Lyons nodded. “Not uncommon in patients with head trauma.”

“Head....trauma?” Steve repeated slowly. He absently rubbed slow soothing circles on Bucky’s stomach under his T-shirt.

Dr. Lyons watched him. “I understand from what Mr. Stark said that Mr. Barnes has had a lot of trauma? The aggressive behaviour suggests head trauma. What other behaviours has he displayed?”

Steve thought for a moment. "I hope it's alright if I lay it out. I'm worried about him. He talks but it doesn't always make sense. He won't use a bathroom, even though he knows when he needs to go, he says stuff over and over, he melts down over the littlest things.... I don't know.”

The doctor scratched his chin and very slowly moved his chair a bit closer. “Do you know if he experienced any repeated brain injury?”

Bucky wiggled closer into Steve.


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