The Hero by Amelia Shea

The Hero by Amelia Shea

Author:Amelia Shea [Shea, Amelia]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-04-28T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

She had been awake for only a few minutes. Thank God the yelling had stopped. Her head pounded like a bass drum at a metal concert. The only small reprieve was a soft, cool towel on her forehead. She woke up to soft hands gliding over her cheek, then the cloth.

She pried her eyes open slowly. The dim light was a Godsend, and she flickered her lashes. A quick glance was enough to tell her she wasn’t in her own room. It was familiar, but not hers. Too much black.

“Hey, sweets.”

Macy angled her head as the small figure approached. Nadia smiled warmly and sat next to her on the edge of the bed.

When Macy tried to speak, her voice croaked and a fiery pain shot through her throat. She clamped her lips closed and swallowed a painful breath.

“Just relax, Mace.” She leaned across the table and grabbed a water bottle lifting it to her lips. It was de ja vu back to her childhood with her mom. It was the only calming feeling she had at the moment. Oddly enough it was shared by a club whore.

Macy took a small sip, dropping her head back to the pillow and staring up at the ceiling. A certain dread wafted her stomach. She’d seen this exact view quite a few times. She whipped her head to Nadia.

“Why am I in Rourke’s room?”

Nadia widened her eyes and raised her brows. “Well, because if they had tried to put you anywhere else, he probably would have beat the shit out of everyone.” She smirked with intent to lighten the mood. She drew in a breath and glanced over her shoulder at the door. With a quick scan around the room, she realized they were alone.

“Where is he? And Chey?”

“Probably in separate corners.”


“They’ve been at each other since he brought you back here. Chey wanted you to be taken to the hospital, and the guys refused. Let’s just say your girl was taking on the entire club.” Nadia forced an uncomfortable smile. “She may have threatened to call the cops and have Rourke arrested for kidnapping, and I’m pretty sure, she broke up with Trax four times in the last two hours.” She leaned closer. “I’m actually really impressed. Your girl has got a set on her. Even went up against Kase.”

“Oh God, did she get banned from the club?”

Nadia chuckled. “Twice, but her ass is still here.”

Macy felt a wave of nausea. She swallowed hard in hopes of keeping anything down. From her cotton-mouth, she knew she had puked but couldn’t remember.

“Ya want the basket?”

“I got my own basket, huh?”

“Yeah, Rourke set it up for you.” She glanced at Macy’s head, and her lips curled. “It seems he did his best to tie back your hair.”

She reached up to her head, feeling the messy ball of hair tied in a hair tie. “Rourke did this?”

She nodded and raised a brow. “Yeah. He was the one who was with you in the bathroom.”

She slowly widened her eyes.


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