Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

Author:Adrienne Tooley [Tooley, Adrienne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781534453852
Amazon: 1534453857
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 2021-03-09T00:00:00+00:00


It was dark in the tower, the black shadows of night seeping across the gray stone floor, yet Tamsin did not need a torch. She could have kept her eyes closed for how well she knew the twists and turns from the front door of the academy to the High Councillor’s chambers.

Tamsin ran a hand against the cool, curved wall, her fingers dragging the way her feet wanted to as she followed her mother’s clipped footsteps left, right, right, then another left before ascending a winding set of stairs.

She’d had to leave Wren down in the Grand Hall to face the Six alone. Those six ancient witches were all that remained of the old guard, the leaders before Vera and her friends had taken down the dark witch Evangeline and founded the Coven. The Six had always been performative—after all, their negligence was the reason Evangeline had managed to call forth dark magic in the first place. They were figureheads of power without follow-through. Magical law was neither dictated nor enforced, so witches roamed free, taking advantage of ordinary folk and one another alike. The Six had lived with magic so long that they’d forgotten it could corrupt. Could inspire chaos. Could destroy.

After Evangeline, the Six had ceded control of Within to the Coven. They were called in on the rarest of occasions to aid when the Coven could not. With Vera distracted by Tamsin, and the rest of the Coven out hunting the dark witch, it was up to the Six to interrogate Wren, a girl without a mark who had walked through the Wood. Tamsin wanted to be there with her. But what Tamsin wanted did not matter when faced with her mother.

Of course Vera had been waiting for her. Tamsin had been foolish to believe she could return Within and somehow evade all the people she so desperately wished to avoid. The High Councillor knew everything that happened Within. Naturally, she would know who was coming through the Wood.

Back in the hallowed halls of the academy, Tamsin was nearly suffocated by her memories. She could not escape her past, not even in her present as she followed her mother higher and higher up the spiral stairs. The Wood had reverberated with Amma’s screams. Had shown her the shimmering outline of Marlena’s body dropping to the floor.

Then she had been faced with Leya, her smug smile and the glittering eyes Tamsin had loved back when she’d had a heart. She deserved Leya’s venom. They had parted ways poorly. Tamsin had asked Leya to sacrifice everything but had offered her nothing in return.

She had been so consumed with Marlena that she had forgotten how to care about anyone else.

Vera touched the handle of a gray stone door and whispered a quiet word. A lock clicked, and the door swung open, revealing her private chambers. The antechamber housed two more doors, both made of wood. To the left was Vera’s office, where she worked and disciplined. To the right was her bedroom, with its enormous four-poster bed and gold tub.


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