The Earth Prescription by Laura Koniver

The Earth Prescription by Laura Koniver

Author:Laura Koniver
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Published: 2020-04-14T22:18:02+00:00

So your wintertime sleep reset routine, for at least one week, will be this: morning grounding in daylight for twenty minutes or more, evening exfoliation and an Epsom salts bath, candlelight, and prioritizing sleep and going to bed one hour earlier than usual, with a hot water bottle in the bed and a cold pack for your forehead. I hope this routine helps you positively regulate your circadian rhythm, boost your mood, remedy your sleep deprivation, and even protect the longevity of your lifespan.

Centering Practices

I hope you can do the guided healing meditation I offer here while grounded outside! For winter, the best meditation is one that brings you into a nurturing cocoon, giving you time and space to reboot and reemerge the next season transformed. So to help enhance this imagery, it’s wonderful to go outside bundled up and cocoon-like—even burrowed down deep into a sleeping bag! Or snuggle under a canopy or tent outdoors, to further insulate yourself. If you can just have fingertips out of a mitten or a fingerless glove, touching the earth, you are fully grounded. If you can’t do this meditation outside, find an indoor space to be grounded (see ideas in the previous Nurturing Practices section) or use a grounding stake and grounding cord in your living space, as outlined in the Creating Practices section that follows.

Winter Activity 7: Winter Healing Meditation: Wrapped in a Nurturing Cocoon

Get grounded outside, if possible. It’s okay to be bundled up in winter coats and boots and snuggled deeply within a blanket or a sleeping bag. With your fingertips touching the ground or concrete beneath you or the pine needles of a tree next to you, your body will be as fully grounded as if you were lying in a bathing suit on the beach.

Method: When you have found a comfortable space to be grounded, read through the meditation (or listen to it at http: //www.newharbin ger.com/44895). Once you have read through it or listened a few times, you can guide yourself on your own any time.

Lie on your back, close your eyes, and begin to breath in slowly, deeply, and fully.

Relax more and more with each breath. Allow yourself to draw inward, away from the external world, and focus on your heart center. Allow the world around you to grow quiet and still as you focus on your internal warmth and sensations instead of the outer world.

With each breath, you fill up your heart space with a healing, warm, comforting white light, glowing softly at first and getting more intense with every breath. Calm and peace wash over you as you are filled with this comforting, healing light.

The light spills out from your heart space, spreading throughout your body, rays of light filling every cell in your body. You are radiant. Continue to expand the reach of this light, strengthening it with every breath. Let it spill through your abdomen, your back, down your legs, out your arms, filling your neck and head. As the space


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