The Astronomy Book by DK

The Astronomy Book by DK

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: DK Publishing

"The comets have remained what they were from the beginning—astronomical heaps of gravel without any cohesion."

Kenneth Edgeworth

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key astronomer

Carl Seyfert (1911–1960)


1908 Edward Fath and Vesto Slipher observe peculiarities in the spectrum of the nebula NGC 1068 (now recognized as a typical Seyfert galaxy).

1936 Edwin Hubble classifies the shapes of galaxies.


1951 Cygnus A, one of the strongest sources of radio waves in the sky, is identified as the first radio galaxy.

1963 Dutch astronomer Maarten Schmidt coins the term quasi-stellar radio source (later “quasar”) for an object with a starlike appearance that is actually a distant, very bright source of radio waves.

1967 Armenian astrophysicist Benjamin Markarian begins publishing a list of galaxies with strong ultraviolet emissions, many of them Seyfert galaxies.


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