Six Impossible Things by John Gribbin

Six Impossible Things by John Gribbin

Author:John Gribbin [Gribbin, John]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Quantum mechanics; quantum interpretations; Bell's theorem; quantum foundations; Bell's inequality; Copenhagan interpretation; quantum entanglement; Many worlds interpretation; pilot wave interpretation; Albert Einstein; Louis de Broglie; decoherence; Paul Dirac; Max Planck; Werner Heisenberg; quantum teleportation; duality; double slit experiment; Niels Bohr; wave function collapse; metaphysics; locality; realism; quanta
Publisher: MIT Press
Published: 2019-10-08T00:00:00+00:00

Nearly every result [the quantum theorist] pronounces is about the probability of this or that or that ... happening—with usually a great many alternatives. The idea that they may not be alternatives but all really happen simultaneously seems lunatic to him, just impossible. He thinks that if the laws of nature took this form for, let me say, a quarter of an hour, we should find our surroundings rapidly turning into a quagmire, or sort of a featureless jelly or plasma, all contours becoming blurred, we ourselves probably becoming jelly fish. It is strange that he should believe this. For I understand he grants that unobserved nature does behave this way—namely according to the wave equation. The aforesaid alternatives come into play only when we make an observation—which need, of course, not be a scientific observation. Still it would seem that, according to the quantum theorist, nature is prevented from rapid jellification only by our perceiving or observing it ... it is a strange decision.


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